Kumbhalgarh Ranakpur Day Tour

Udaipur Kumbhalgarh Tour Package


Kumbhalgarh is one of the finest examples of defensive fortification in Rajasthan. Kumbhalgarh is about 85 km from Udaipur.Kumbhalgarh Fort is said to be one of the prominent forts of Rajasthan. Built during the course of the 15th century by Rana Kumbha and enlarged through the 19th century, Kumbhalgarh is also the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, the great king and warrior of Mewar. The massive fort, encompassed by a 36 km long wall, has seven majestic gates and seven ramparts, one within the other which are ideal for nature trail. The Last gate-the ‘Nimboo Pol’ has fascinating chambers. You will truly find solace and solitude because of all the beautiful landscapes and the other scenery present here. The fact of this place is that it was known to be used by the Mewar rulers for their shelter and accommodation during the times of danger.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Then we arrive at the Ranakpur Jain Temple which was constructed amid the rule of the liberal and talented ruler Rana Kumbha in the fifteenth century. Ranakpur is widely known for its marble Jain temple. The temple has a total of 29 halls, 80 domes and the massive pavilions include 1444 pillars. The pillars are so artistically carved that they will leave you spellbound.Standing in this huge marble structure, complete with a centuries-old tree growing right inside, you are overcome with awe at its intricacy and beauty. The complex also contains several smaller temples, also fantastically carved.